Colombo Ecuadorian company founded in 2000, dedicated to the confection of girdles in general, helping in the post-surgical procedures for control and maintenance. There are girdles designed to be used after surgery (known as post-surgical or postoperative girdles), either aesthetic or not.

Post-operative girdles provide support for the whole body or for the intervened area that helps support the body by helping to heal muscles and tissues during the recovery period. This type of compression garment adjusts to the body until it adapts perfectly and achieves optimum support.


Thanks to the innovation, service vocation and high quality standards of our products, we have expanded our market internationally to the United States.

Why choose Dambell?

DAMBELL girdles can be used without surgery, as modelers of the female or male figure and as body support achieving a correct posture. The specific cuts and the distribution of reinforcements in double tissue act subjecting the affected areas to the action of a micro massage and a quick dematización. DAMBELL garments are made with POWER-NET for therapeutic use, which adheres to the skin allowing transpiration keeping it fresh and offering very good performance in products that require characteristics of control and strength, made with knitting and raschel technology, with yarns of nylon and elastane to compress and selectively model different areas of the body.

Benefits of post-surgical girdles:

- They adhere to the skin after surgery or pregnancy.

- They help the rapid desinflamación.

- Reduce fibrosis.

- Not noticeable under clothing.

- Reduce post-operative pain and discomfort.

- Provide greater control.

- Mold the body (waist, abdomen, back, buttocks ....)

- Reduce flaccidity.

- Corrects posture.

- It will help you recover after childbirth and return to your prenatal figure.

- It is elastic and stretches adapting to the natural curves of each body.

- Easy to use, adjustable and removable

- Lightweight and breathable