Because the girdle is a garment for intimate use, it does not have any change. We ask our users to verify their size, color and model, very well before placing their orders and purchases.

Undergarments, frames, bathing suits, or personal care items are not changed unless a manufacturing defect is identified.

These items must be in perfect condition, with the tags and labels still in place and in their original packaging. Fajasdambell S.A. reserves the right to accept changes and returns with a prior analysis of the case.

Promotional or discounted items in our 'SALE' section do not apply to returns.

If at the time of purchase, you use a discount coupon and a refund is made, this benefit is extinguished and cannot be used in a next purchase.

The product must be returned in optimal condition, without leaving a trace of use, must not be modified or modified from its original state and must be in good condition and clean.

Return policies

Depending on the reason, without exception, our company does not make money refunds.

The policies of changes or repairs of our garments by guarantee apply in those occasions in which the closure or the clip is damaged or the fabric is perforated (defect in the fabric weft). The closures are guaranteed for 20 days and the other concepts have a maximum guarantee of 24 hours for imperfect verification.